Another day, Another blog,

File this under shameless plug. My fiance and I, in part inspired by this course have started a new blog. Posts at, will explore the history of children’s non-fiction literature. You can see the first few posts. The first post explains what its all about, the second analyzes a few images from children’s books about curie and Albert Einstein, the third post takes a quick look at kids books about Osama bin Laden. If you like what you see consider adding it to your daily feeds!


2 Responses to Another day, Another blog,

  1. jdaiken says:


    I looked over your other blog and have to say I think it looks fantastic! I also found the posts very intriguing. I think it will be a fantastic resource and really shows that you’ve thought out both your auidence and your subject. Stellar work!

    — John

  2. towens6 says:

    Thanks John,

    We are very excited about it. Just actually posted another post to firstpast connecting the reading from graphs maps and trees to my interests in children’s lit.

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