Trevor Owens
10131 Wood Green Way
Burke Virginia
22202, 703-850-5106

B.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison 2006
Major: Joint degree in History and The History of Science
Focus: History of Science Education
Integrated Liberal Studies (ILS) Certificate
Minor: Emphasis in Philosophy and Educational Policy Studies
Grade Point Average: 3.9
Graduated in the top fifth percentile
Graduated in three years

M.A. George Mason University (Anticipated December 2008)
Field: American History
Focus: History and New Media, Public History
Grade Point Average: 3.9

Employment and Volunteer Experience:
Community Lead and Technology Evangelist: Center for History and New Media (CHNM)
Winter 2006- Present Build, manage, and provide support for a community around Zotero, an Open Source research tool enabling new kinds of digital scholarship.
• Presented CHNM’s tools to students, librarians, administrators and scholars at over 30 institutions.
• Primary author for the Zotero blog.
• Wrote proposals for sessions at national library, education, and history conferences, all of which were accepted.
• Developed a Google Custom Search Engine for Exploring and Collecting History Online
• Developed user documentation
• Produced tutorial screencasts
• Used library and classroom social networking groups as well as more experimental tools like PMOG to attract the attention of early adopters

Academic Advisor: University of Wisconsin
Summer 2006 advised incoming freshmen in the University of Wisconsin College of Letters and Science.
• Helped incoming students develop a plan of study
• Trained students to use the online enrolment system
• Served as a ambassador for the university

Press and Webcast Coordinator: Games Learning, and Society Conference
September 2005- June 2006 Coordinated press for a international conference focusing on the role of video games and simulations in the future of education.
• Attracted national and international press attention
• Served as liaison between conference organizers, attendees, and speakers
• Directed the conference web-cast

Service Experience
Literacy Coach: Teach For America
September 20040 May 2005 Volunteer Mentor for the Teach for America after-school program at Shank Elementary. Taught literacy skills to second grade students with unique learning needs

2006 The Ruth Knatz Memorial Fund $3,000
Granted by the Integrated Liberal Studies department to one graduating senior for interdisciplinary work in the humanities

2005 Tricia Nordby Hamrin Research Award $2,500
Awarded by the Honors department for work on senior thesis entitled “A Child’s Eye View of Life as a Scientist: A History of Biographies of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein Written for Children”

Peer Reviewed Publications and Presentations:

Trevor Owens. “Going to School with Madame Curie and Mr. Einstein: Sex and Gender Rolls in Children’s Science Books” Cultural Studies of Science Education, (under review)

Trevor Owens, “Zotero: New Features and What’s to Come” Digital Library Federation Fall Forum, Philadelphia PA, (November 2007)

Trevor Owens, “There Has to be a Better Way: Zotero and Research 2.0” Educause. Seattle, WA (October 2007)

Trevor Owens. “Zotero and Research 2.0: Managing Your Research in Your Browser” New Media Consortium Summer Conference. Indianapolis, IN (June 2006)

Trevor Owens. “Built by Historians, for Historians: Using Zotero for your Research” American Association for History and Computing Conference. Providence, RI (April, 2006)

Trevor Owens. “Climbing Our Family Tree: The Untimely Birth of Children’s Books About Evolution, 1920-1955” Presented at the American Educational Research Association Conference. (April 2007)

Trevor Owens. “Going to School with Curie and Einstein: Gendering the History and Nature of Science” Presented at the History of Science Society Conference. Vancouver, British Columbia (November 2006)

Trevor Owens. “Subversive Ideas in Don Quixote: Cervantes on Monolithic Binaries in Nation and Religion” Presented at the Wisconsin Center for the Humanities Don Quixote in Wisconsin Conference. Madison, WI (March 2006)

Trevor Owens and Marjee Chmiel. “Mapping the Landscape of Gender in Science through Children’s Biographies of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein” Presented at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching Conference. San Francisco, CA (April 2006)

Marjee Chmiel and Trevor Owens. “Anti-evolution literature and its hidden pedagogical value: Confronting the ‘creationism’ dilemma” Presented at the Eighth International History, Philosophy, and Sociology in Science Teaching Conference. Leeds, U.K. (July 2006)

Invited Presentations:

Research Institutions and Organizations
“Zotero and You: Bibliographies Just Got Easier” Kluge Center: Library of Congress, May 15th 2007

“Extending Firefox With Zotero” Presented at the National Institute of Health, June 18th 2007

“Scarcity and Abundance: Zotero and the Future of Digital Research” Presented at the Library of Congress, June 11th 2007

“The Future of Health and Science Bibliography” Presented at the National Institute of Health, May 17th 2007

“Zotero and Personal Research Collections” Presented to the National Archives and Records Administration, July 12th 2007

“Open Source Bibliographic Management: The Case for Zotero” Presented to the Virginia Chapter or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

“Connecting CHNM’s Tools With Public Media” Presented to Public Broadcasting Services Interactive Education Group, September 21st 2007

“Implementing Zotero On Campus” Presented to the Harvard Committee on Reference Software, April 20th 2007

Academic Programs
“Library 2.0 and Zotero: A Match Made in Heaven” Presented to Catholic University Library Science Program, February 6th 2007

“Building A Better Bibliography With Zotero” Presented to George Washington University’s American Studies department, April 2nd 2007

“Using Zotero in Your Daily Research” Presented to Brown’s:History and American Civilization departments, April 18th 2007

“How to Zotero” Presented to the University of Washington’s History Department, October 23rd 2007

New Media Research Groups
“Bibliography 2.0: Putting Zotero to Work for Your Research Project” Presented at the Polis Center: Indiana University Perdue University of Indiana, June 7th 2007

“Zotero and the Fluidity of Bibliography” Presented to the Communication Culture and Technology program at Georgetown University, September 18th 2007

“Zotero as a Platform for Scholarly Research and Collaboration” Presented to the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University, April 18th 2007

“Research 2.0 and Zotero” Presented to the Academic Technologies Group at Northwestern University, April 10th 2007

“Good Bye 3×5 Cards, Hello Zotero” Presented to the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship at Georgetown University, April 3rd 2007


Interviewed by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Bibliographies? Zotero!” (June 2007)

Interviewed for Wallis, R. “Talis talks with Trevor Owens from Zotero.” Talking With Talis (July 2007.)

Interviewed for “Expert Searching, Zotero: A New Bread of Search Tool.” Submitted by Mark Desierto and edited by Rebecca N. Jerome. Medical Library Association Newsletter (April 2007)

Interviewed for “Supporting Library Research with LibX and Zotero: Two Open Source Firefox Extensions” by Jon Ritterbush. Published in the Journal of Web Librarianship 1(3), (September 2007)


One Response to Vitae

  1. Good Morning Mr Owen.

    Firstly, let me paid you excuses for my english, rather due to bad educational system in my Country related to a foreign language, above all the most important language in the wide world. I’m from Colombia, and for a happy random i knew the course of Digital History and a powerfull research tool called Zotero too. According to your profile you are able to give me some advices for it advanced use, because i know the drag and drop system but no so much. I sincerely wish to receive some information about the course too… in fact I know that the course pass away, but I wish to establish contact to you, in order to teach me something of your knowledge…you know…in the third world all news arrive so late, but there are many people that wants to be update to the most prominence advantages of the technology and its relationship to history.

    I hope your answer Mr Owen

    Thanks a lot

    Diego Ortiz

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